The Woodpigeon is quickly proving itself to be the ultimate sporting quarry. Fast flying, sharp eyed, completely unpredictable, and totally wild, the Pigeon is sure to thoroughly test your shooting and hunting skills to the limit! Often referred to as the 'poor mans grouse', there is certainly nothing poor about the sport that this bird has to offer!

Not only that but have a look at our rates and I'm sure you'll agree once you have had a days shooting with us, a driven pheasant day costing much more does not even come close both in terms of value for money or sport. We shoot over 170,000 acres / 80,000 hectares of prime farmland in central southern England (Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Hampshire).

We have accumulated over 30 years of in-field experience and have been arranging sport for clients since 1996. We can cater for the single gun or parties of up to 6. We are very experienced in dealing with English & foreign hunters and are able to arrange everything needed for your days pigeon decoying.

Pigeon Shooting bookings are available all year, 5 days a week (NB we do NOT shoot on Sundays and Mondays). There is no close season on Pigeon and this is our full time occupation. Based in the heart of Oxfordshire (with incredibly easy access from the M40, A34 and A43) we are less than one hour away from London and all major airports.

For travellers we can arrange superb local B&B accommodation available from £35-£50 through to hotel accommodation at approx £60 to £85 per person per night.

Pigeon in a Tree